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This Fantasytime Sports Regular Season League will be made up of 12 - 16 teams.  $25 per entry.  You will draft your team live online in our draft room.  Round 1 will begin 8/30/22. 

Day 1 of the draft, each team will be require to make a pick in round one. Once completed the draft timer will be set to 3 hours time limit between 7 AM and 11 PM daily to complete all picks (timer will delay from Midnight - 6am east. although picks can continue.  If picks are not completed for the rosters prior to 9/6/22 the draft timer will be turned on to 2 minutes at 7 PM until all teams rosters are full.   Draft your team, play in a 14 weeks season of the football season, make the playoffs and compete for the top prize in the playoffs.


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12 Team Division: Chop Block  for 2022
Kamikazes confirmed 2022 CC Shark  confirmed 2022
Living Legends confirmed 2022 Joker confirmed 2022
Rochester Dog Hunters confirmed 2022 Fantasmic Dragons confirmed 2022
BatesTat222 confirmed 2022 Blue 54 confirmed 2022
Austin Roadies confirmed 2022 Tonalist  confirmed 2022
Las Vegas Gamblers confirmed 2022 Gold Rush confirmed 2022

(Link to the Goal Line Stand League weekly Program)

League Fee Payments:

   Annual League fee for 2022 season $25

League fees for this league are due when you sign up and reserve your team.  If you are going to be paying by credit card, please click on the PayPal Icon above and submit your payment through Paypal.  If you prefer, your Check or money orders may be sent to:  

Fantasytime Sports
44 Kristin Drive
Derry, NH 03038

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Prizes 2022

Determined by League size please see rules

League History:

2014 Champion PHantasyPHreak beat Rochester Dog Hunters (12 team league)
2015 Champion Midnight Nexus 158 vs Thirdman Walking 142.4 3rd place Elvis Jumpsuits 91.8 vs Wolverines 77.8
2016 Champion Third Man Waling 135.8 vs 253 Cougs 111.4, High points winner Third man Waling 204.1

2017 no league
2018 Champion Alan's Colts 112.3 vs PHantasyPHreak 105.1, High points winner Tinfoilmonkey 243.4
2019 Champion Tinfoilmonkey 143.5 vs
8lb 6oz Baby Jesus 120.5, High points winner  Notorious 213.12
2020 Champion Alan145.9 vs GhostZappers 115.6 High points winner  Alan 209.2
2021 Champion Living Legends 116.8 vs Joker 91.1
2022 Champion Blue 54 109.1 vs Living Legends 104.3


Help Information:

Help! I need the e-mail addresses for the other owners:
info@fantasytimesports.com If you are not in this league, don't ask.

Fantasytime Sports
44 Kristin Drive
Derry, NH 03038

e-mail: info@fantasytimesports.com

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