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Fantasy Football 2022
Regular Season Leagues

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Fantasytime Sports Regular Season Leagues are made up of 16, 14 and 12 team leagues.  You will draft your team live online in our draft room.  If you wish, you may submit a pre-ranked list and we will do the rest for you.  You will participate in a 13 week regular season league where you will compete head to head with the others in your league.  A total of 8 teams will make the playoffs.  The league fee for the Regular Season League is $25.  There are no additional charges for transactions or trades.

To reserve your team reply with the following:

Phone #
Team Name:


Draft Date 2021: Live Draft  Will be announce for a Late August date once this league has been filled.
The draft can begin on the program once full. This will help to shorten the live draft.


The league fee for the Regular Season League is $25.00 per team. 

This is a flat fee and there are no other charges for trades or transactions.  The league fee is due prior to the live draft so sign up and reserve your team today.

Regular Season prizes

Check out RULES for the official scoring, rules, and league prizes.

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