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Bronze League Restricted Free Agents 2023
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Pueblo Chili Dawgs

Team 2 Bronze For Sale
$50 2023 League Fee

Legion of Boom
    Freiermuth,Pat TE         Love,Jordan QB         Mitchell,Elijah RB 1,2
    Singletary,Devin RB         Patterson,Cordarrelle RB         Lazard,Allen WR 2,1
    Jones,Daniel QB         Mattison,Alexander RB         Gesicki,Mike TE 2,1
                Edmonds,Chase RB              
                Boyd,Tyler WR              
                Renfrow,Hunter WR              
                Meyers,Jakobi WR              
                Pierce,Alec WR              
                Green Bay D              
Chalupa Batman

Texas Titans 3

Austin Roadies
    Stafford,Matthew QB         Fant,Noah TE         Kmet,Cole TE  
    Waller,Darren TE         Henry,Hunter TE         Fournette,Leonard RB  
Sanders,Miles RB   Herbert,Khalil RB   Everett,Gerald TE  
    Henry,Derrick RB         Edwards,Gus RB         Butker,Harrison K  
    Samuel,Curtis WR         Shenault,Laviska WR         San Francisco D  
    ValdesScantling,Marquez WR         Hardman,Mecole WR         Philadelphia D  
    McKenzie,Isaiah WR         Elliott,Jake K              
    Palmer,Josh WR         Carolina D              
    Moreau,Foster TE                          
    Fairbairn,Kaimi K                          
    Baltimore D                          

Mean Green

P.T. Players

Alan's Colts
    Gibson,Antonio RB         Lance,Trey QB         Perine,Samaje RB  
    Gallup,Michael WR         Gainwell,Kenneth RB         Tagovailoa,Tua QB  
    Moore,Elijah WR         Metcalf,DK WR         Brown,Marquise WR  
    Kittle,George TE         Ryan,Matt QB         Bellinger,Daniel TE  
    Brady,Tom QB         Robinson,James RB         Joseph,Greg K  
    Tannehill,Ryan QB         Moore,Skyy WR              
    Carlson,Daniel K         Collins,Nico WR              
    LA Rams D         Okwuegbunam,Albert TE              
                Folk,Nick K              
                LA Cahrgers D              

Graceland Mafia

Freddies Finest

    Hurst,Hayden TE         Foreman,DOnta RB         Penny,Rashaad RB  
Goodwin,Marquise WR   Wilson,Jeffery RB   Robinson,WanDale WR  
    Henderson,Darrell RB         Slayton,Darius WR         Tolbert,Jalen WR  
    Ertz,Zach TE         Jefferson,Van WR         Dotson,Jahan WR  
    Davis,Corey WR         Higbee,Tyler TE         Knox,Dawson TE  
    Duvernay,Devin WR         Tucker,Justin K         Uzomah,C.J. TE  
Maher,Brett K   New England D   Bass,Tyler K  

Roster limits
Franchise Salary Player (do not expire)

  12 years @ cost of 12 FDs
  (min 1 player max 1 player)
5 Year Salary Players @ cost of 5 FDs 
  (min 0 max 1 players) 
4 Year Salary Players @ cost of 4 FDs
 (min 0 max 3 players) 
3 Year Salary Players @ cost of 3 FDs
  (min 0 players)
2 Year Salary Players @ cost of 2 FDs    (min 0 players)
1 Year Salary Players @ cost of 1 FD   (min 7 players)

     Any Player cut during the off season will have the empty spot
      valued as 1 year against the cap. If a franchise player is cut the
      empty valued spot would be 12 years. At least 7 players must go
      to free agency from each team each year. Cut players are
      unrestricted & expired players not cut are restricted and count
      against the salary cap until rosters lock. They will then be removed
      and posted on the restricted link list for the next seasons free


Any player won in free agency or in the draft will be listed as a one year salary unless requested otherwise by the bid winner. Owners have until one week after the completion of free agency or the draft to make salary upgrades by rule.  If a date is set that date would be used. As long as you have 7, 1 year salaries, you may make a player as much as they are bid as long as you have cap and roster limit space.  Any player drafted in the free agent rookie draft may be assigned to a salary without and FD charges.  All rosters must be complete after the free agent rookie draft. IR moves are only allowed during the season starting 1 week prior to the first games.

When referring to a players salary and cap status you will use the following:
Player Salary:
The year a player is signed is listed first and the salary years is listed second.
The year a salary is signed will not change unless released. Salaries can only be increased never
decreased. 3,1 = Signed in 2023 for 1 year.  The years are what counts against your cap and determines
when the players expire.

2024 Trades for future years:

Each team must have at least 7 one year salaries during the season at all times. Salaries can be increased never decreased. At least 7 players per team must go to Free Agency each year.  Restricted or unrestricted, it is up to you. Franchise players never expire unless released.  Your roster must always meet the rule requirements. Salary Cap maximum is 47 years. Salaries are posted below with the year of the signing first and the length of the salary second. (year signed, salary years). All future trades will be posted at the bottom of this page and trades posted on the bulletin board.  If you place a player on IR, the salary of the IR player will be used against the cap. The extra added player that is added should only be signed for 1 year and does not count against the cap.

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